Shiki 02 Release! (BT+MU+MF)

Sun Aug 15 2010 02:32:24 GMT+0800 (Malaysia Time)
Shiki 02 Release! (BT+MU+MF) Cover Image

Episode 2 in just a few days! “That is so not Ct3-ish” - LOL. Btw, if you have any problem regarding our releases - don’t hesitate to put comments on our sidebar, or on our posts. Having said that, a guy already questioned why I keep all the posts in English? There’s a few reason and one of it is because Ct3-fansubs is my medium to train my English vocab and stuffs (I don’t normally talk in English outside), and so does my blog (I don’t think I have to promote them here too).

Second reason, once upon a time… the website practices dual language (both English and Malay posts) but along the way, people don’t really care what was happening and since the posts are now simplified (I have count limit on what to write, so it show up well in the main page), and I know - to click those permalink is… bothersome. (VISITOR = “WHERE IS THE DOWNLOAD LINK DAMNIT!“)

Yeah - yeah : It’s was a long talk, haha - just enjoy our Shiki.

Episode 2 = Torrent (SD / HD) || MediaFire (SD 1/2) (HD 1/2/3/4) || Megaupload (SD) (HD)

Check this out! Date of Release: 15th August, Shimizu Megumi’s death on Shiki: 15th August


Nahh, this was  intentionally planned… ^^