Current Status & Condition

Sun May 23 2010 03:56:40 GMT+0800 (Malaysia Time)

Assalamualaikum, hope you guys are enjoying another good day and here’s another post (since it has been soooo long)… So here’s the real deal!

Our last release was dated 3 weeks ago and since I was preoccupied with real life works and assignments (which explained that I am actually existed in real form and have a real life to live on) - it resulting in the no release for the last 3 weeks. Plus, I also formatted my computer to be an assignment-work-machine, whereby meaning - no fansubbing softwares, no encoding softwares, no any trivial software besides a Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Expression 3 series, Adobe Photoshop CS2, and some few softwares that helped me with the recent assignment.

So let’s get back to business! I’m currently installing back my fansubbing softwares to continue subbing Kamen Rider W. The translation and editing of the current episode (episode 7) is already finished, and what’s left is just a quick QC and to encode + upload it… Please wait a lil more time and yeah - give ur thanks to Kid for helping Ct3 with the episode 7 translation.

Lastly, wait for it!